Master of Masters

Master of Masters

Mr. Zeki Sariçam – Molding Production – 1976

Mr.Zeki Sarıçam, a leader in the machinery production for the battery sector with his know-how and broad experience, started manufacturing molds in 1968.

Having founded Sarıçam Kalıpçılık in 1975 to provide grid molds for battery manufacturers, Mr.Zeki Sarıçam developed some projects, which resulted in the manufacture of the first Grid Casting Machine in 1980, followed by the first Casting Machine in 1983.

Thanks to the quality standards and the wide range of machinery he manufactured, Sarıçam earned reputation abroad and he did the first export to TUDOR/Spain in 1990.

Known as a doyen in the business world thanks to his reputability and reliability, Mr.Zeki Sarıçam is followed by some entrepreneurs in the sector.

Leading the industry with his experience and knowledge, Mr.Zeki Sarıçam, driven by his passion for work and determination, established ZESAR TECHNOLOGY FOR BATTERIES in 2002 to increase the capacity and market higher quality products.

Mr. Zeki Sarıçam – Chairman of the Management Board – 2020

ZESAR started using its own patented designs in machinery and in 2008, the company drew the attention of battery manufacturers from all over the world. In 2009, the company started the Robotic Transfer System (RTS) to automate the whole assembly process, considering the requests from global battery manufacturers. Having delivered its first turnkey project in 2014, ZESAR is now one of the leading companies of the industry thanks to its innovative applications and the customer satisfaction it offers.

ZESAR invested in a new factory in Manisa, Turkey in 2015. Today, the company has 2 production facilities in Manisa, along with its head office in Istanbul. The experience of 52 years ensures that ZESAR, with the ERP infrastructure it has, keeps offering services as a global company that exports 80% of its products.

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