Curing Chambers

Curing Chambers

During the paste mixing process, lead oxide, water, acid, and other chemicals are blended in the mixer to form a thick paste. It is most important process in battery manufacturing and highly affects the quality and life of battery. The paste-mixing machine is fully automatic and PLC controlled.


With the help of steam generator & heating up process chemical reaction getting to the pick point. The process starts with add humidity to the chamber, from 80% to 90%, to make plates wet again and speed up the reaction. A second phase in this process is dropping down a humidity and raising the temperature to pick point, usually around up to 80-85 degrees.

The purpose of this process is archive complete reaction & dry plates ready for assembly. With heat recovery system, chemical results and cycle time right now our Curing Chambers the best option on the market.

CRC H180 – Curing Chamber


  • Efficient Production and High Productivity
  • Suitable for all kinds of Con-cast, Expanded, Punched and Gravity Casted battery plates
  • Sytem Capacity up to 70.000 panels per batch
  • 20 Hours Batch Time
  • High Standards for Health, Safety and Environment

Curing chamber is designed to accelerate the curing process of lead acid battery plates. The chamber ensures drying and proper crystal growth in the freshly pasted plate grids. Humidity, temperature and time values in the chamber can be assigned separately for loading, curing and drying cycles automatically.

  • 50 Set Different Process Parameters
  • 20 Hours Curing Cycle + 12 Hours Drying Cycle for gravity casted plates
  • Atomized Water Humidifying
  • Vertical Sliding Door
  • Inside Wall Stainless Steel (SUS304)
  • Automatic Temperature/Humidity/Time Control System
  • Optimum air output and input system
  • 0,07 % – 0,10 % H2O

Optional Features

  • Steam Generator
  • Plate racks design will be provided
  • H220 Model for morme capacity


  • Standard: 140.000 single plates/batch (for gravity casted plates)
  • Batch Time 32 Hours (for gravity casted plates)

Required Labor

  • 1 person for loading and unloading

Operational Range

For Curing Cycle:

  • Temperature 25 ~ 85°C
  • Humidity 20%~100%Rh

For Drying Cycle:

  • Temperature 25 ~ 85°C

Control Accuracy:

  • Temperature +- 2°C
  • Moisture  +- 2% Rh

Technical Data

  • SIEMENS PLC system
  • FESTO Pneumatic System
  • Installation Power : 24 kW
  • Electrical Power Consumption : 24 kW
  • Air Pressure : 5-7 bar
  • Air Consumption : 3,2 litres/minute
  • Natural Gas Pressure : 0-300mBar
  • Natural Gas Consumption : 10,3 m3/h
  • Burner Capacity : 300.000 kCal/hr
  • Color : RAL 5015 (ZESAR BLUE)